Shakespeare Comes Alive!!!

This week the students in the Sixth Form and those belonging to the Drama Club, who are currently working on the production of Macbeth, to be performed in June, had the opportunity to attend a workshop run by Ms Penny Freeman from the UK.

Ms Freeman has performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company on numerous occasions, and is on holiday here, but luckily for us she found the time to bring Macbeth alive  during the workshop on Wednesday 24th March.

This is what we have to say!

“ I found the workshop to be really beneficial and helped to bring the play off the page and alive, to enable us to visualise what was happening in Scotland at the start of the play. I am sure I will remember it better now. Its great to have this opportunity and be exposed to different methods of learning. Stephanie Loustau Lalanne Yr 13

“It really added more ideas to the play. As I am involved in the production in June it gave me a few more ideas about the play. I also liked the great idea of making various sounds with our voices rather then rely on technical sounds all the time. Ms Freeman was very lively and ensured instant enthusiasm from the students. I definitely benefited from the workshop.” Priya Bahnderi

“The activities made the themes of the play much clearer, which will help me understand and answer the essay questions for my AS English. It was very interesting to hear what a professional actor had to say and act out various scenes. I really hope that the school can run more of these as it will definitely help all the students Jose Govinden.

“The workshop was a great experience and brought the play alive for us. Everyone found it enjoyable and educational. We all appreciated the time that MS Freeman gave up for us.” Westside theatre Newman

“The workshop was fun and energetic, and we had the chance to directly participate in the action of the play by acting out the emotions of the play . It gave me another perspective to understanding the play” Joel Jacqueline

“ She really set the mood for the play and enabled us to appreciate Shakespeare’s writing to the full extent. It would be fantastic if we could have more of this to help with our A levels!” Elza Frichot & Richard Weber.

“This was a once in a lifetime experience which has shed new light  to the understanding of the play. I am convinced it will to our advantage in our final examinations” Vanessa Gill

“When we are playing a role in the play, we don’t always get the whole picture and rely on our ourselves to make it happen. But this really enabled me to think about acting according to the situation and theme and emotions of the play” Mukund Agarwal

“ Seeing the play came alive physically gave me a new insight into Macbeth. I hope we can have more workshops” Gayethri Pillay.

“I found the workshop thoroughly enjoyable and found that it shed new light upon Macbeth. It enabled me to better enjoy the play and gave me new ideas  as to how to perform it in order to give it more impact. It was great and very beneficial” Colette Pool.

“The workshop was interesting and broadened my perspective of approaches that could be taken in the setting of certain scenes. It also helped me to have a clearer understanding of the play itself as a whole and how every scene is vital to the understanding of the whole play. Thia will help me with my exams as well as my role as lady Macbeth in the school production” Shama Amesbury.

“ The workshop provided a different perspective of the play and showed an actors insight into studying Macbeth. It was helpful and it highlighted that there is more to the play than the dialogue. I enjoyed the workshop and it was helpful to look into the play from the view of an experienced actor” Eddie Blagbrough.

“The workshop was really enjoyable and interesting, bringing new ideas on how to stage the play and respond to essay questions. It also helped with understanding the emotions in the play” Apever Ah Kon & Nathalie Mein